Spotify introduces Working From Anywhere

February 23, 2021

Mitch Malone

As a digital nomad in the tech industry I love staying fairly close to trends around companies choosing to offer remote working, or better yet, making it a part of policy.

In 2011/2012 I had the pleasure of working with the Spotify team on some projects during my days at We Are Hunted and I really loved the company vibe and culture. They were innovators playing to win in the music space, and whether you loved or hated their service (personally, I am a fan) they were hard to ignore.

Part of our DNA has always been controlled chaos. So, in the spirit of this, we’re trying this out knowing that there are likely to be some adjustments to make along the way.

I took the time this morning over a coffee to take a read over their most recent HR blog article on Working From Anywhere (WFA) and I really enjoyed having a read. Not only is this incredibly good for digital nomads, but I think as we see this trend become more widespread we will see new innovations bought on by bringing together people from around the world.

Moving your work force from on-site to remote, or remote-optional is a pretty huge step, and companies definitely won’t always get this right on the first try. But I do believe this type of move has incredible impacts on staff autonomy, access to talent, and general employee well-being.

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