Between February and May 2023, I embarked on a trip from Asia to Australia. In true Nomad More style, this wasn’t just a holiday but rather a remote working adventure. This Asian trip was not only thrilling and fun in itself but it ignited a spark to start our year long round the world trip.

If you were planning an Asia to Australia trip, do you know where you would go? What would be some of your top destinations? What would be a country, city or area you simply couldn’t miss out on visiting? Well, if you are stuck on a few ideas or just need a little inspiration, keep reading to find out more about my recent nomadic Asian escapade. From Indonesia to Singapore and a few more countries in between this was an awesome trip that I’d definitely recommend taking.

Our trip started in the ever-popular Bali, Indonesia. Canggu (pronounced “changoo”) is a resort village on the south coast. It’s an excellent place to base yourself for discovering more of Bali. Staying at Surf Motel Canggu was also lovely and handy, especially if you are working remotely.

Next, hop from Indonesia to Malaysia and visit the big city of Kuala Lumpur for a stay that will feel a world away from island life. Live contemporary life more like a local at Lucentia Residence @ BBCC. From the ultra-modern Petronas Twin Towers to a place that’s been on my bucket list for what feels like a lifetime – Japan!

Kyoto and Tokyo are two iconic cities but for entirely different reasons. The traditional parts of Gion and Higashiyama in Kyoto are completely juxtaposed with the popping colours and flashing neon lights of Shibuya in Tokyo. There’s just something incredible about Japan that I almost can’t put my finger on. It’s like an aura, a feeling of calm mixed with breathtaking natural beauty, history, tradition and crazy but amazingly unique modern culture. In my humble opinion no trip from Asia to Australia would be complete without visiting Japan.

We darted around Asia quite a bit and after Japan travelled to Vietnam. You will only feel satisfied with your Vietnamese experience when you’ve visited the capital Hanoi and the country’s largest city Ho Chi Minh. Completing this route around Asia really makes you appreciate the stark differences between countries. From the modernity of Tokyo to the charm and frankly chaotic beauty of Hanoi, it allows you to appreciate each destination even more.

The final leg of our journey led us to Singapore. It might be among the smallest countries in the world but its 5.9 million population makes it all the more hectic and interesting.

This amazing four-month period spent in Asia was the precursor for the next leg of our journey to Europe. Check out our interactive map to see our recommendations for places to stay in each of the countries we visited. From AirBnB rentals in Hanoi to the Sakura Fleur Aoyama in Tokyo, you can get a feel for this trip and help plan your own Asian adventure.