People always used to say never describe something as your “passion” on your resume or in a job application but sometimes passion really is just the right word to depict how you feel about something. To say I am passionate about travelling, exploring and learning about new cultures is probably an understatement. I would say I am utterly obsessed with travel actually. Discovering new places, re-discovering old haunts and feeling fully immersed in the travel experience is what it’s all about for me.

I have been remote working for more than 10 years; long before COVID created a new global culture of working from home. It was and continues to be the best decision I made. It has allowed me to travel in a more mindful way, whilst having real “experiences” rather than a time sensitive and hurried vacation.

Though this journey started long before 2019 it was then that I started to track every location I’d been to. My interactive map is not only useful for you to check out my travels but it’s also a lovely visual reminder of where I’ve been. Since 2019 I have travelled to four continents and to multiple destinations along the way. I’ve embarked on a four-year Australian van adventure, a European trip that took me to seven countries, a five-country Asian escapade, a North American excursion and a visit to the Middle East.

When exploring my interactive world map, you may notice that I haven’t just documented every destination I visited but actually where I stayed. The way I have lived as a digital nomad is perhaps to some equally as interesting as the destinations I have visited. In Australia I was staying in either a campervan or caravan trailer so I stayed at caravan parks, rest areas, farm stays, and even car parks. Country hopping in Asia was of course impossible with a campervan so hotels, AirBnB’s, and residences were used as a home on the road. In Europe, Canada and the U.S. I stayed mostly in hotels. As a remote worker or a digital nomad travelling goes far beyond just the vacation experience there are a myriad of other considerations you need to factor into your plans.

If you have begun the remote working journey but are looking to switch to a digital nomad set up check out this blog post. As awesome and rewarding as digital nomad and remote working life is, it’s not for everyone and once you really get into the logistics of travelling and working it might be that you need some guidance.

At Nomad More it’s all about providing you guys with advice from someone who has actually done it…me! With the ever-evolving world of technology (AI and ChatGPT included) it’s hard to know whether people who are offering help in these travel and work-related fields have actually ever been there. In order to create the most authentic and appreciative travel experiences possible I have always looked to the local view point. Having that source from a local or someone who has actually been there and done it, always gives you some encouragement and makes you feel like you are heading into a fun and yet thought-provoking travel experience. This is what my passion for travel is all about.