10 European co-living spaces worth considering for your next nomad trip

March 20, 2023

Mitch Malone

As remote work continues to gain popularity, coliving has emerged as a popular choice among digital nomads. By definition coliving is a way of living where travelers choose to stay together in houses or apartments. Often digital nomads are traveling alone and therefore fostering a sense of community right where you live can be highly stimulating.

Finding the right coliving environment can provide you with a wealth of opportunities for learning, networking and building relationships with people from around the world. Coliving goes beyond combining living and working spaces, it has the ability to spark ideas, solve problems and generate intellectual conversation.

If you are searching for places that offer top-notch coworking spaces, a welcoming atmosphere, high-speed internet and thrilling travel experiences look no further. We have curated a list of the top 10 European coliving spaces that are well worth considering for your next digital nomad destination.

Normandy, France


There is no disputing that France is an incredible destination for digital nomads, but have you ever thought about living in a French Chateau?

Chateau Coliving is a 12th century castle in the heart of Normandy. The whole chateau is set up for remote work and provides the quietness needed to get your tasks done as well as hosting fun social activities.

This is the ultimate grand example of a successful coliving space. Set in 80 hectares of park land the property is filled with deer’s, rabbits, and horses. The property's land even turns into an island in winter!

Grimentz, Switzerland

ESCAPE provides freelancers, digital nomads, and teams a place to come together to live, work and create.

With Swiss ESCAPE you can wake up in Grimentz, one of the Alps untouched jewels. Your coliving chalet is surrounded by mountains where you will have instant access to hiking, ski lifts and mountain biking.

You will not only be surrounded by the beautiful Swiss countryside, but you’ll be able to speak to like-minded individuals and get to know people you might never have imagined meeting.

You’ll have access to fast internet, a dedicated Zoom room, a coworking area and guess what…the ski lift is just 2 minutes’ walk away.

Peniche, Portugal

Peniche in central Portugal is described as being inseparable from the sea. This little slice of Portuguese heaven is an unimaginable place to live and work.

Selina CoLive allows you to live on a month-by-month basis in their wonderful coliving spaces. Booking at Selina CoLive allows you to choose your accommodation, attend wellness classes (yoga and meditation), have access to a global network of colivers, access to coworking spaces and enjoy on-site facilities like the swimming pool, library and movie theater.

With destinations around the world including South America, Australia and Asia you can even switch destinations up to three times a month, providing you with ultimate flexibility.

Javea, Spain


Sun and Co run an excellent coliving community in Javea, Spain. Also known as Xabia, this coastal town is in the province of Alicante.

You will be living alongside other location independent professionals feeding off each other’s creative energies. There’s an array of coworking spaces you’ll have access to. There are a variety of common areas to host presentations, relax with friends, meditate and dine together. You can choose to live in private accommodation or shared quad or double rooms.

Sun and Co strive to create a thriving international community and their 20% return rate shows that people love their set up.

Ixelles, Belgium

Ixelles is one of Brussels' beautiful municipalities. The area is known for its boutiques, chic restaurants and art nouveau buildings.

Located on one of the hippest streets in Brussels you could be living and working in this trendy coliving space. The house is tremendously decorated and it seems to attract fun, like-minded individuals. There’s always a focus on sustainability and green thinking so if that’s your vibe this could be your next digital nomad destination.

London, England

London is certainly a city set up for digital nomads but there is also a flourishing coliving community. The Collective Old Oak is an example of a coliving space that caters to your work and lifestyle needs.

This coworking space is in West London just a 20 minute tube ride from Central London and close to Notting Hill.

Whether you are looking to stay for a few nights or months there’s a space for you. There’s a swimming pool, gym, coworking spaces and all bills and WiFi are included in the price.

Lofoten, Norway


Lofoten is an archipelago in Nordland county in Norway. The Arctic Coworking Lodge in Lofoten is a truly incredible space for digital nomads. Arctic Coworking Lodge is a serene location for remote work. It’s a place to be at one with nature. Your work productivity levels will be high because you will be dying to get outside and explore.

The accommodation feels classically Norwegian with a wooden natural feel. The office space is equipped with desks, meeting rooms and free coffee. Looking at your surroundings in the remote mountains you might not expect fast WiFi, but Arctic Coworking Lodge delivers.

Makrinitsa, Greece

Makrinitsa is a village in eastern Greece above the town of Volos. This coliving space is situated in a complex of 19th century mansions. You will be living your digital nomad life to the fullest as this area was once a popular vacation destination for the ancient Greek gods.

This coliving village is equipped with literally everything you could possibly need and more. There’s a café, wellness center, movie room, on-site Mediterranean restaurant, rooftop terrace, bar, library and more.

They’ve created a super homely vibe and a place for people to spark ideas off each other.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Zoku runs four coliving home/office hotels in Europe. Their Amsterdam branch is ideal for individuals or teams who work remotely and want to visit for just a few days or months.

Perhaps the best aspect of Zoku’s Amsterdam location is the social space. They couldn’t have built a more enticing place to work and relax. They have a ‘Kindred Spirits Bar’ which serves coffee, an assortment of tea blends, as well as spirits! It’s the ultimate high energy break room and in the evening it turns into a place of sophisticated discussion and laughs.

Zoku Amsterdam even has a restaurant. One coworking space even has a table tennis table. Apart from the fact you’ll be meeting new people and wanting to explore the city, there is no need to actually leave Zoku, they have everything to make your stay comfortable.

Mokrin, Serbia


How about living in Mokrin, Serbia? Mokrin is the largest village in the municipality of Kikinda in northern Serbia.

Mokrin House is the “meeting place of progressive ideas and the people behind them”. Situated right in the middle of a village this modern coliving space provides digital nomads with simple but stylish rooms.

There’s a pool, a gym, a yoga room, games room, plenty of outdoor space and of course an array of different workspaces.

As remote work continues to gain popularity, coliving has emerged as a popular choice among digital nomads. Coliving goes beyond simply combining living and working spaces. By choosing the right coliving environment, one can benefit from opportunities for learning, networking, and building relationships with individuals from various parts of the world who share similar interests. If you are in search of a place that offers top-notch coworking spaces, a welcoming atmosphere, high-speed internet, and thrilling travel experiences, you've come to the right place. Here, we have curated a list of the top ten most amazing coliving spaces in Europe.

Normandy, France


Grimentz, Switzerland


Peniche, Portugal


Javea, Spain


Ixelles, Belgium


London, England


Lofoten, Norway


Makrinitsa, Greece


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Mokrin, Serbia


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