European cities embracing remote work with digital nomad villages

April 03, 2023

Mitch Malone

With the international growth of digital nomadism, it’s not much of a surprise that digital nomad villages have begun to emerge. So, what exactly is a digital nomad village?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a village per se but more an organized community or area that caters for the lifestyle of digital nomads. These digital nomad villages provide amenities useful to those on the move. They have coworking space, co-living arrangements, extended stay rentals, fast internet, and lots of recreational activities to keep those nomads entertained.

Digital nomad villages are still in their infancy but here are five amazing destinations that will keep you going on your nomadic work journey until more countries catch onto this great concept.

Ponta do Sol, Madeira, Portugal

Ponta do Sol is Portugal’s answer to every digital nomad’s question “Where should I go next?” Located on the southern coast of Madeira, Ponta do Sol has emerged as a digital nomad village as a result of the pandemic. Though it’s known as the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo, Madeira is somewhat of a hidden gem for tourists and digital nomads alike.

What makes Ponta do Sol unique is that they haven’t waited for digital nomads to come. Unlike Canggu in Bali or Chiang Mai in Thailand, Ponta do Sol has set up life for digital nomads before they’ve started coming. Nomad Village as it’s known, officially launched in February 2021. In February 2022 there were 100 people living in this area. The aim was to blend local communities and culture with foreign digital workers, and it’s worked out perfectly.

Their coworking space in the center of Ponta do Sol is free to use. Madeira is also believed to have the highest fixed internet speed in the entire country. What is more, the search for accommodation is effortlessly easy.

Digital Nomad Valley, Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is the oldest continually inhabited city in Croatia, and wouldn’t it be good to live there as a digital nomad? Zadar’s working village is called Digital Nomad Valley and its around 30 minutes’ walk from the downtown in the neighborhood of Borik.

They run a 6 month co-living project which aims to entice online workers. The Valley has two hotel resorts Falkensteiner Funimation Hotel and Falkensteiner camping. These community facilities offer you accommodation, including gym facilities, coworking spaces, and a wellness center. Their cabin-like accommodation has a luxury IKEA-like finish to it and provides you with everything you’d need for a more than comfortable stay. There's even a beautiful decking area where you can enjoy breakfast in the sun.

Around 65% of guests visiting Digital Nomad Valley are solo nomads. This is therefore the perfect place to meet other solo travelers. You will instantly have access to like-minded individuals who will more than likely want to start exploring the city with you.

Tallinn Digital Nomad Village, Estonia

Have you ever thought about living in Estonia? Estonia is rapidly becoming a popular travel destination and it's easy to see why. Tallinn, the nation’s capital is situated on the shores of the Gulf of Finland and is a wonderful place to live. Cheap flights, wonderful cities and the infrastructure to support digital nomad lifestyles brings Estonia higher up the list of nomad working destinations.

Tallinn is the first remote working community in Northern Europe. Run by the company WIP, this digital nomad village allows you to experience the charming coastal city of Tallinn whilst not having to worry about all the necessities of digital nomadism.

One of the things that Tallinn Digital Nomad Village flourishes at are coworking spaces. You can rent out a vast array of board rooms, meeting rooms, and individual working spaces. WIP are also in partnership with Tallinn Hotels to attract digital nomads to their wonderful accommodation.

The Tallinn Digital Nomad Village aims to connect a network of digital nomad workers with local services that cater for their specific needs.

Bansko,  Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s digital nomad hotspot is in mountainous Bansko in the Pirin National Park. This is one of those destinations that as digital nomads you will be pinching yourself, wondering how it’s possible that you get to live there.

Bansko has it all. When the snow hits, the area is transformed into Bulgaria’s best ski and snowboard location with more than 75 km of trails. In summer there is hiking galore, as well as museums, historic landmarks and hot springs. Though Bansko boasts a small town, tight-knit community feel, it’s still big enough to feel like you are discovering new things.

Bansko is a great location for digital nomads because there are a plethora of coworking spaces. Some of the top coworking spaces include CoWorking Bansko and Alt-Space. You might be living at 1,200 meters above sea level, right below Vihren Mountain but Bansko caters for digital nomads who need strong internet connections.

Bansko offers that idyllic mountainous lifestyle that might on immediate thought feel out of reach for those digital nomads, but this is an incredible place to base yourself at least for a winter and summer season if not longer.

Trento, Italy


Take one look at Trento and you will be packing your bags and booking your tickets. Trento is an autonomous province of Italy in the north of the country. It is a truly breathtaking example of Italy’s natural beauty and historic sites.

Trento Remote offers a sort of assisted digital nomad lifestyle. You can book to be a part of their digital nomad program which includes an array of benefits. You pay per month for a hassle free assisted work environment which includes:

  • Utilization of coworking space (the biggest in the region)

  • Opportunity to meet fellow digital nomads

  • Support in getting a visa (if required)

  • Help finding the best Italian lessons (if desired)

  • Activities will be organized for the community once a week

Trento provides digital nomads with access to all the coworking spaces in the area, meaning you can work and then explore 15th century buildings and incredible local sites.

Trento’s digital nomad community is fully comprehensive and offers that hassle free start to setting up your life in a new country.

A digital nomad village is an established community that caters to the needs and lifestyle of digital nomads. This can encompass a specific region or small village with amenities such as coworking spaces, coliving arrangements or extended-stay rentals, fast internet connectivity, and a diverse range of recreational activities.

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